22 feb. 2014

My Review: Sharknado (3/10)

"We're gonna need a bigger chopper."

I have to be honest, I knew exactly what I was going to get when I decided to watch this film. You don't have to be a genius to realize that a film titled Sharknado will be ridiculously over the top. I was in the mood for a terrible B-movie like this and was hoping to get over the top performances with terrible dialogues and laughable CGI effects. Sharknado delivered everything I was looking for and more. Why would I want to watch something like this you may ask. The answer is simple: for pure nostalgic reasons. In the 90's I remember we would get together with a few friends and choose several films that looked so terrible we could have a fun time watching them and making fun of the performances. That was an experience I was trying to relive again and Sharknado fulfilled my expectations. I think I laughed harder than I did with any other comedy this year. Sharknado will be a classic for people like my group of friends that simply want to get together to make fun of how terrible a film is. This is probably the most hysterical SyFy monster film that will ever be made. Despite all this, there is no way I could recommend this film considering it is terrible and defies all the physics and natural laws that exist. I still had a blast with this shameless and brainless 90 minute film, but it's just terrible and one of the worst films of 2013.

Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) is a former Surf champ who currently owns a bar near the Santa Monica Pier. When a hurricane threatens to flood the region bringing in thousands of sharks near the beach coast, Fin sets out with his good friend Baz (Jaason Simmons) and the waitress who works for him, Nova (Cassandra Scerbo) to rescue his ex wife, April (Tara Reid), and his teen daughter, Chloe (Aubry Peebles). Along the way they will have to face menacing sharks who have made their way into the city through floods and tornados. If you thought you could be safe from sharks in land, Sharknado teaches you otherwise. Not even the skies are safe.

Directed by Anthony Ferrante, Sharknado has seemed to find an audience, and a sequel is already in the works. The hysterical screenplay was written by Thunder Levin, and you have to give it up for these two guys for the nonsensical inventiveness they had here. Not only do they include natural disasters like tornados, but they add starving and angry sharks to the mix. The effects in this film are probably the worst you will see from a modern movie. Sharknado knows it's a bad film and simply plays with its audience. I heard someone complaining about Nova who was ashamed of her scars, but wore shorts all the time. Of course she does, that is the whole point of these films where they go completely over the top so you and your friends can point out everything that is wrong with it. John Heard has a pretty funny supporting performance, while the rest of the cast simply play their part without glory.

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