1 may. 2013

My Summer Movie Guide

With the premiere of Iron Man 3 Summer has officially begun so I have decided to make a list of the big budget Blockbuster films I am looking forward too. I´ve already seen Iron Man 3 so that won´t be included here. I made a list at the beginning of the year where I mentioned several independent and smaller films, but now it is time for the big boys. I am an indie sort of guy so summer isn’t the best time of the year for me movie wise, but I still highly anticipate some of these big summer movies. If you haven’t checked my other list out then visit http://estebueno10.blogspot.com/2013/01/my-most-anticipated-films-of-2013.html. So here is my list in order of what films I really want to see this summer:

1) Kick Ass 2: I loved the first film starring Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl and am looking forward to this sequel with the addition of Jim Carrey as one of the supporting characters. This is my most highly anticipated summer movie of all.

2) Star Trek Into Darkness: Another sequel happens to be in second place in my want to see list, but how can you not be excited for this sequel after JJ Abrams rebooted this successful franchise in 2009 in such a spectacular way.

3) Fast & Furious 6 Summer movies usually mean sequels and this is yet another I am looking forward after the highly successful fifth film. Before the fifth movie came out I wasn’t too excited about this franchise, but now it has just gotten rebooted.

4) World War Z: Warm Bodies may have brought the fun back to the zombie genre, but Brad Pitt might bring back the scares in the classic horror genre. I´m looking forward to what new things this film will bring to the table.

5) Man of Steel: I´m no huge Superman fan, and really didn’t like Superman Returns, but this film actually looks like it’s going to be great. Here´s hoping Henry Cavill will portray a great Superman.

6) After Earth: M Night Shyamalan hasn’t been on a role lately, but this film looks like it will lift him up once again. He was one of my favorite directors so I´m hoping this film does well. This seems to be the perfect film for Will Smith as well.

7) The Lone Ranger: Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp team up once again after their successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Everyone loves the classic Lone Ranger character so this film looks really great.

8) Elysium: Neil Blomkamp worked his magic with District 9. He made one of the best sci-fi films in years with an incredibly low budget. Now with more money and Matt Damon to star in his film, this looks really great.

9) The Bling Ring; Based on the true story of a group of teenagers who steal millions from celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, this looks like another good bet for the summer.

10) 2Guns: Staring Mark Walberg and Denzel Washington, two of the best action stars, this film looks very promising.

11) The Wolverine: Another superhero film, but the Wolverine seems to always deliver the goods.

12) The Hangover Part III: I was a huge fan of the first film. One of my favorite comedies, but was a little disappointed with the second film.

13) The Internship: Another promising comedy starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. I was a huge fan of The Wedding Crashers which was the last film these two worked together in. They haven’t done anything funny lately, so it was a good idea for them to team up once again.

14) The Great Gatsby: One of the most talked about films. It looks great and should transport us all to the fabulous 20´s. Leonardo DiCaprio is a safe bet these days.

15) RIPD: I´m not sure about this film, but I like the pairing of Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. The premise seems pretty interestin so I´m giving this film a chance.

16) Pacific Rim: Another film I´m not too sure of, but the effects seem like they are going to be interesting. Guillermo del Toro is a great director so it can be promising.

17) 300 Rise of an Empire: The original film was great, I´m not too sure about this one. I think the novelty may have warn off a bit on me.

18) The Kings of Summer: This could be last year´s Moonrise Kingdom. The story seems promising and the trailer is hilarious.

19) This is the End: Reuniting James Franco and Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express) and including Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, Emma Watson, and Paul Rudd this film has to be hilarious.

20) White House Down: Another Roland Emmerich film. He delivers great effects and poor stories, but Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx can make this entertaining.


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