5 abr. 2013

The Uruguayan Director in Hollywood: Evil Dead Hits Screens Today!

I´m not a horror fan, I usually end up hating these movies, but there is one thing that has me excited about checking out The Evil Dead: Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez who was made famous thanks to a youtube music video called Panic Attack. In this video he completely destroys the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, after gigantic robots invade the city. He was able to create this fabulous video with about a 300 dollar budget. That video sent Alvarez to Hollywood and the first task he was given was making a remake of Sam Raimi´s cult film: The Evil Dead. A fan of the film himself, I´m sure he will make that movie justice. I´m sure I will check this film out as soon as I can, so hopefully I will be writing my review soon. So far Alvarez is getting some great reviews for his work. Check out the video that made him famous:

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