19 dic. 2014

Socios por Accidente (4/10): Skip this and watch their TV sketch instead.

Socios por Accidente is an Argentinean comedy co-directed by Fabian Forte and Nicanor Loreti, which tries to bank on the success of two TV comedians who are famous for pranking celebrities with hidden cameras (Showmatch). Jose Maria Listorti and Peter Alfonso are hilarious together in their 5 minute TV segment, but there isn't enough original material here to sustain a 90 minute comedy. The first 5 or 10 minutes are funny, but after a while the pacing and familiarity of the plot become tedious. This is basically a buddy comedy, pairing two characters who are completely opposite to each other and having them interact together. It is a clichéd comedy that never delivers anything fresh and Alfonso really never feels like he is playing a real character. Jose Maria is the best actor here, but we've seen the character he's playing many times before in other familiar comedies. You can laugh at some of the gags, but Socios por Accidente doesn't work as a full length feature film. Lourdes Mansilla plays the daughter of Jose Maria and despite not having much screen time, I found her character cute. The ex-wife on the other hand was a character I could've done without. Socios por Accidente could've worked as a short film, but there isn't enough material to sustain a 90 minute movie. The production wasn't bad, but it wasn't better than what you would find in a TV series. Skip this.

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