12 ago. 2014

Oh Captain, My Captain (Robin Williams)

Robin Williams left a great legacy to film lovers across the world. We knew him for his comedic talent and for the way in which he lightened up the room with his unique energy in interviews and most films. Perhaps his work in recent years wasn't up to par with what most of us grew up with. His films in the 90's are among my favorite and despite being known for his comedic talent I was a huge fan of his dramatic films. Good Will Hunting isn't just my favorite film from Williams' career; it ranks as one of my top 3 favorite films of all time. His dramatic roles in memorable films such as Dead Poet's Society, The Fisher King, and Good Morning Vietnam will forever remain in my mind for influencing my childhood. His comedic roles in Jumanji, Hook, and Mrs. Doubtfire will never be forgotten. But Williams also proved to be a versatile actor with some memorable dark roles in films such as Insomnia, One Hour Photo, and World's Greatest Dad. He even gave some emotional and memorable speeches in films that are not considered to be great such as in Patch Adams and Jack. There are scenes from each one of these films that will remain with us and I am sure we all will have our personal favorites. He left us such a rich legacy, and I even forgot to mention his great voice work in Aladdin giving life to one of Disney's most memorable characters. There are still films of his that I have missed such as Awakenings, The World According to Garp, and  Death to Smoochy which I hope to see soon in remembrance of such a great career. His films will always hold a special place in my heart. As a kid growing up in the early 90's there wasn't anyone better than him. Never forget that "the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?" Robin contributed his verse quite beautifully in his films.

These are just a few of my favorite scenes:

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