17 jul. 2014

My Review: The Other Woman (3/10)

"We got played by the same guy... do you want vodka or tequila?"

We got played once again with another familiar and cliched romantic comedy with uninspired performances, weak direction, and poor writing. I guess Leslie Mann could have used some help from her husband, Judd Apatow, because the material she had to work with here was completely unfunny, or at least she should have asked him for advice before accepting to make this film. I'm sure she had a lot of fun making this, but I wish we could have at least had half the fun watching this as she did making it. She was really annoying, especially during the first half hour, and it's a shame because she is an extremely funny actress. I've seen Cameron Diaz playing similar roles before (for example in The Sweetest Thing which this film reminded me a lot of) so I wasn't as surprised with how uninspiring her performance was. Kate Upton looked great, but that is all she had to offer in a film where she felt completely lost playing alongside Diaz and Mann. As for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, well he is much better as a Lannister. I really can't blame the actors because the material they had to work with was too cliche and their characters completely one dimensional. They were all stereotypes and their was no personality whatsoever to this comedy. The jokes are all recycled and there are very few funny moments. I wasn't expecting much from this film really, but I didn't think it would be as bad as it was.

The Other Woman (or should I say, The Other Women) lacks substance and the funniest scenes for me were the ones borrowed from other comedies I'd seen in the past. I don't know why Hollywood producers think poop and vomit jokes need to be included in all comedies, but it needs to stop because they are not funny anymore. I'm all up for female empowerment, but this isn't really the way to go. This is easily one of the worst movies of the year and I should have avoided it. We have several contenders here for the Razzies and I forgot to mention how bad Nicki Minaj was in her supporting role here. 

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