28 jun. 2013

My Review: The Hangover Part III (7/10)

"I told myself, I would never come back."

I had read so many bad reviews about this third installment of The Hangover that I kept putting off this movie until I finally decided to watch it last night and was glad I did. The second film was a lazy copy of the first (which I had loved), but I was let down by that sequel and wasn't expecting much from this. I guess that my lowered expectations helped me enjoy this film a lot more because I had a great time at the movies and laughed during several scenes what I hadn't laughed in any other comedy I'd seen this year (Identity Thief, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, He's Way More Famous Than You, The Guilt Trip, and This is 40). The Hangover Part III is a lot funnier than any of those movies were, and it is better than the first sequel; just don't expect it to be like the original. I'm glad Todd Phillips decided to take an entirely different direction here and incorporate some action. I didn't find this movie dark like a lot of people are saying it was and I didn't think it was serious either. I laughed several times and enjoyed the new characters. I think the film could have used a little less of Ken Jeong and not have made Zach Gallifianakis's character as mean as he was here, but overall I still think this film worked. Todd Phillips has had several hit and misses in his career as a director, and I would say The Hangover Part III kind of stands in the middle. It helped me that I went with such low expectations for this film and left the theater entertained.

The wolfpack is back together again for a third time, although this time no one is getting married and there is no bachelor party. Doug (Justin Bartha) convinces Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms) to help him take Alan (Zach Galifinakis) to a mental institution after he has decided to stop taking his medication. Alan has been having a bit of anger issues, and so the wolfpack decide to get together again to drive Alan to an institution, but on their way they are assaulted by Black Doug (Mike Epps) and his boss Marshall (John Goodman). They kidnapp Doug and are forced to find Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong). If they don't find him in less than 72 hours then Doug will be dead. Apparently Mr. Chow has stolen from Marshall a large amount of gold, and he wants it back. This is where the madness begins, and the three friends are forced to locate Mr. Chow and bring him back in exchange for Doug.

I really enjoyed John Goodman's performance here although he didn't get much screen time. He was really good in his role as Marshall and set the tone of the film. There is a lot more action and thrills in this third installment. Another new secondary character in this film is Cassie (Melissa McCarthy), although she's barely five minutes in this movie. I thought she was funny, but I don't agree that her scenes were the highlight of the film. I'm not in love with her as most critics are, and have only enjoyed her role in Bridesmaids. Maybe Identity Thief is still to fresh on my mind and it doesn't allow me to enjoy her more. The Hangover Part III is a worthy sequel and I think a great place to end the trilogy. None of these films will be as fresh as the original however.

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