14 may. 2013

My Review: Tomorrow You´re Gone (1/10)

¨You want to tell me what went wrong last night? ¨

I think I just found the number 1 contender for worst film of the year, at only 90 minutes long this film is so tedious and pointless that I felt it was never going to end. It tries too hard to be an art house film, but we´ve seen these character driven neo noir films done much better in the past. I don’t even think this film makes sense or tries to deliver any sort of message. You don´t even know when the main character is imagining things or living reality; everything is so ambiguous and vague. Tomorrow You´re Gone never goes anywhere and it´s a shame because Stephen Dorff and Michelle Monaghan are pretty good actors. This is just a waste of their talents and a waste of our time. Director David Jacobson (Down in the Valley) has made one pretentious movie  and with the help of screenwriter Matthew F Jones (Deepwater and A Single Shot) he has made one of the worst films I´ve seen in a long time. I usually take something positive about a film no matter how much I dislike it, but I cannot say anything good about this movie. There is not one single thing that I like about this pretentious thriller. Willem Defoe could be the best thing about this film, but he is in this movie as much as he is in the trailer. This is a complete waste of time so stay away from this film.

Charlie Rankin (Stephen Dorff who gave his best performance in 2010 in Somewhere) is getting out of prison after four years, but before he leaves he receives a letter from his mentor in prison, the Buddha (Willem Dafoe), who asks him to kill someone for him. As soon as Charlie gets out of prison he goes looking for this man and receives a special payment from the Buddha. However, something goes wrong with the hit and Charlie can´t quite settle his debt with him. Along the way Charlie encounters a mysterious woman named Florence (Michelle Monaghan) who for I don’t know what reason sees the good in Charlie and tries to rescue him from his pain. Together they embark on a road trip and half of the time you don’t even know what the two are talking about. It´s hard to explain the plot of the movie when nothing really makes much sense and most of the things going on seems like they are all imagined by Charlie. There is a thin line between reality and fantasy here, and Charlie has some serious and dark unresolved issues going on. I really hated this movie and I can’t say it enough times, stay as far away from this film as possible.


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