20 dic. 2012

My Review: Your Sister`s Sister (9/10)

¨What ever you think is helping you; I have a responsibility as your friend to tell you that it's not.¨

Your Sister`s Sister is Lynn Shelton`s follow up to Humpday, which happens to also star Mark Duplass. Shelton does a really good job with this small independent movie by making everything flow so naturally. The film is basically an improvised character study between three people dealing with different situations in a cabin on a beautiful location, and the script which was also written by Shelton was really clever. I can`t say how much credit Shelton should receive since most of the conversations taking place in the cabin happened to be improvised and spontaneous, but the general idea and twists in the film I thought were really ingenious. I found this romantic comedy extremely funny and I really laughed during the various altercations and revelations between the three characters. Mark Duplass has had a great year considering he also starred in the hilarious Safety Not Guaranteed which I enjoyed a lot. He was great here as well and he shared great chemistry with the other two main characters. Emily Blunt always makes interesting films as well. I loved her in last year`s The Adjustment Bureau and she was also good this year alongside Ethan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, but this was probably her best performance in a while. I wasn’t very familiar with Rosemarie DeWitt, but she was great here as well. All three actors had great chemistry together and created interesting backgrounds for each one of their characters. Your Sister`s Sister is really a lovely indie film, and one I really enjoyed. Many people were unhappy with the ending, but I found it to be perfect for this movie. I guess that the reason some people might have for not liking this movie has to do with that ending, but I highly recommend it.

The movie opens with a bunch of friends gathered together remembering a friend in common who passed away a year ago. While one of the friends is giving his heartfelt eulogy, the dead guy`s brother, Jack (Mark Duplass) interrupts and asks everyone to be more sincere about him. Evidently it has been a tough year for Jack and his brother`s death has taken a toll on him as he continues to mourn for him. Iris (Emily Blunt), who happened to be Jack`s brother`s ex girlfriend long before he passed away, is also Jack`s best friend; and she recommends him to go to his father`s cabin on a beautiful island in order to get his mind straight. Jack accepts Iris`s invitation and decides to go to the cabin. Once he arrives at the cabin he discovers that someone else is already there. It happens to be Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt), Iris`s half sister who he has heard a lot about but never met. Hannah is there trying to get over a seven year relationship she had with her girlfriend Pam. The two begin talking and sharing drinks and up having sex. The next morning Iris surprisingly shows up after getting a few days off work and Jack and Hannah decide not to say anything about what happened the night before. This is where the hilarious moments and revelations begin to take place. There are several twists that take place as well, but the less you know about it the better.

Your Sister`s Sister is really a well made film, full of spontaneous and natural moments that are worth watching. It`s hard to believe that most of the dialogue was improvised because the film felt like it was cleverly crafted, but it works better because for a while you forget you are watching a movie and you begin to think you are looking at these people`s real lives. Not even a reality show makes you feel like this. I can`t count how many times I laughed with the mess these characters were getting into by covering each lie and the revelations that came from them. I really loved the performances as well so I honestly have to say that this is a film you should watch despite maybe not hearing of it due to its low budget. One thing is for sure, that after the success that Shelton is having as a director she will be getting a bigger budget for her next projects, and I will be looking out for them. I had a fun time with Your Sister`s Sister, and you probably will too.

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