11 dic. 2012

My Review: Magic Mike (8/10)

¨The law says you cannot touch, but I see a lot of lawbreakers up in this house.¨

To be honest I was feeling pretty uncomfortable watching this film during the first half hour, but once I got immersed in this world and watched where the story was heading I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh, who probably made his best films over a decade ago (Out of Sight, Erin Brockovich, Traffic, and Ocean`s Eleven) although I did enjoy last year`s film: Contagion. Magic Mike is perhaps one of his best movies in the past ten years and thanks mostly to a great leading performance from Channing Tatum and an impressive supporting role from Matthew McConaughey. The script written by Reid Carolin was also quite entertaining, with some very funny moments. The story is loosely based on Tatum`s experience as a male stripper before he became a movie celebrity. He was one of the producers of the film and I think the movie does a good job at exploring this unknown world for the majority of us. He is excellent in this film and really delivers despite not being an actor who receives too much recognition for his work. McConaughey seemed to have a lot of fun with his role here and he could receive a nomination for his supporting performance. Alex Pettyfer also delivers a strong performance as the new kid. The rest of the cast is mostly known for their roles in different television series. I ended up having a fun time with this film and despite the very predictable ending I still recommend it. My only complaint is that I felt the ending was a little rushed and abrupt.

Mike (Channing Tatum) is a male stripper at night, and a construction worker during the day. He`s been in the business for several years and has been saving money to become an entrepreneur although his bad credit history has prevented him from getting loans from the bank. He seems to be living the good life working for Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) at the strip club along with Richie (Joe Manganiello), Ken (Matt Bomer), Tito (Alex Rodriguez), and Tarzan (Kevin Nash). They seem to be doing really good together and business looks good for all. Mike meets a nineteen year old kid named Adam (Alex Pettyfer) at a construction site and decides to invite him to the club. He introduces Adam to the boss and he instantly becomes a hit with the ladies. The Kid (as they call Adam) and Mike get along really well and when Adam`s sister, Brooke (Cody Horn), finds about her little brother stripping she begins to worry. Mike calms her down and guarantees he will look after her brother. The three share a pretty nice relationship, but soon the Kid begins to get into drug problems. Mike`s lifestyle begins to take a toll on him, but Mike really looks after him despite all the partying and girls. Dallas wants to expand the Tampa based show and relocate it in Miami Beach, but the real question is whether or not the boys could adapt and survive in that environment.

I was surprised to find out that Tatum and Pettyfer didn’t get along on set because in the film it felt as if they really shared some chemistry. I also liked the scenes between Tatum and Cody Horn. Their conversations were probably the funniest scenes in the movie and they did have a lot of chemistry together. The rest of the crew didn’t have much screen time other than the choreographed dancing numbers that I found really funny, but I guess most girls enjoyed. The guys in this film really make us feel bad about our bodies because they are totally ripped. The ending is your typical Hollywood ending, but I still enjoyed the film for all the other issues it tried to explore. I really respect Tatum. I thought he was hilarious in 21 Jump Street and proved he can star in more than chick flicks. We all know what McConaughey is capable of and he proves it once again here in Magic Mike shinning in every scene he was in. He was excellent in his role in this year`s Bernie as well. Magic Mike may not have an original ending, but it is a good film that will entertain you and leave a smile on your face.

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