3 jul. 2012

My Review: Take this Waltz (3/10)

¨Life has a gap in it, it just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it.¨

Thanks to Take this Waltz, I`ve found my worse film of 2012 so far. This is a movie that looked extremely good in the trailers, but didn’t work at all for me as a film. The movie had some beautiful shots, the scenery was incredible, there were some strong performances as well, but the story just didn’t work for me and it never felt believable for one moment. Just because this film manages to break all the romantic genre conventions doesn’t mean that it`s going to be good. I never felt the chemistry between any of the characters, and everything just seemed forced. This is Sarah Polley`s second feature film after her successful 2006 movie, Away From Her, which won several awards and also received two Oscar nominations (one for Polley as a screenwriter and another for Julie Christie`s leading performance). Polley also wrote the depressive screenplay for Take this Waltz where a married woman struggles to remain faithful to her husband after meeting a very attractive young man who just happens to live in the road across from them. Michelle William`s character really had several issues and I just found her behavior extremely rare. Her relationship with her husband was more of a playful friendship than anything else. I don`t know what her neighbor found interesting in her as she behaved awkwardly all the time. I found this movie hard to follow as I couldn’t connect, sympathize, or relate with any of the characters. The entire movie just dragged for an entire two hours and if it wasn’t for some beautiful photography I would`ve hated this movie even more.

Margot (Michelle Williams) is a writer who is on a trip working on her assignment when she meets an artist named Daniel (Luke Kirby). Both of them happen to share seats in the airplane flight back home to Toronto and sparks seem to fly between them. Coincidentally when they arrive and share a taxi together they realize that they live across the street from each other. Margot tells Luke that she`s married and they say their goodbyes. Margot enters her home and we are introduced to her husband, Lou (Seth Rogen), who is a loving and friendly husband. He is a cook and is working on a cookbook with different chicken recipes. Lou and Margot`s relationship is strange however, Margot is distance at times and acts like a teenager. Both of them are very playful, but she seems to have some sort of psychological disorder. Margot begins feeling like something is missing in her life and begins spending more time with Daniel as she feels physically attracted to him. She begins to feel conflicted and guilty because she realizes this and doesn’t want to cheat on her husband. This pretty much summarizes a plot where almost nothing else happens outside of Margot`s world and the tension she faces between choosing to stay with Lou or giving in to her feelings towards Daniel.

I was really looking forward to this film because the trailer seemed really interesting and the critics have been praising this film, but I was really disappointed with the way things turned out. I did not like the story at all, and felt Michelle Williams`s character was annoying. It was painful to watch her at times. I did not feel the chemistry between her and Luke Kirby at all, everything felt forced. I must say Seth Rogen is probably the best in this film and it was interesting to see him in a dramatic role. Sarah Silverman also has a supportive role in this film, and her character is way more interesting than Michelle`s. Too bad Polley didn’t decide to make the story revolve around her instead. The only positive thing I can say about Take this Waltz is that it has some beautiful shots, the photography was great, and the soundtrack was actually really good, but the rest of the movie failed tremendously. This is the worst film I`ve seen this year and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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