1 may. 2012

My Review: Like Crazy (9/10)

¨I don't feel like I'm part of your life. I feel like I'm on vacation.¨

We all know that long distance relationships can be heartbreaking and difficult to bear, but at the same time when both parties reunite they make the best of the time they have with each other. That is sort of the premise behind this small romantic (or should I say anti-romantic?) indie film, Like Crazy. Director, Drake Doremus, has made one of the best romantic dramas I`ve seen in quite some time (perhaps since 2009`s 500 Days of Summer). I was really submersed into the story and found the love story to be authentic and real. The chemistry between Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin was incredible and the tension of them being separated was what made this movie work so well for me. The love story never felt forced and the dialogue felt so real, there wasn`t one cheesy moment in the entire film. This film might be a little slow and boring for some people, it is not your typical romantic chick flick. The pacing o the film is slow at times, but it really worked for me as I was interested in what was going to happen to these two characters. The script, written by Doremus himself and Ben York Jones, felt very authentic although they say most of the dialogues between Yelchin and Jones were improvised. I really enjoyed this movie and felt the love and heartaches these characters were dealing with; a very authentic and believable love story.

Jacob`s (Anton Yelchin) life changes forever when in his last year of college he meets Anna (Felicity Jones), a British student who has come to Los Angeles to study. Both fall in love immediately and the chemistry they share is unbelievable. When the year is about to end Jacob worries about their relationship since Anna has to return to England. She decides to stay during the summer despite her student visa expiring and after having gone to London for a week for a wedding she returns to the States only to find out that the Customs officer won`t allow her to enter for violating her previous student visa. Anna returns to London and is unable to fix her situation. She dreams of becoming a writer and lands a job as an assistant for a magazine editor in London, while Jacob works as a furniture designer in LA on his own. Both find the distance to be unbearable and despite Jacob`s visits to London it just doesn`t seem to work out for them. They enjoy their time together, but when it`s time to say their goodbyes everything goes sour. Eventually Jacob begins a relationship with Sam (Jennifer Lawrence), while Anna meets Simon (Charlie Bewley) in London. They both have trouble adapting to their new partners and don`t feel the same chemistry that they felt with each other. They don`t feel complete without each other and try to find the way to be together despite the distances.

Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones are really superb in this movie. Yelchin has proved he can be a good actor and we`ve seen him before in many different films, but Jones came as a surprise to me. I had never seen her before and she was just amazing in this movie. She really does give a great performance and she is the heart and soul of Like Crazy. She is truly someone to keep an eye on in the future. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress, but she really doesn’t get too much screen time in this film and her character isn`t really developed, but it was a nice addition to the story and it is always good to see her on film. The movie actually centers entirely on Yelchin and Jones so the rest of the secondary characters are practically nonexistent. Everything revolves around the two main characters, just like when two people are in love and all they can think about is each other; the rest of the world is practically nonexistent. The ending was abrupt, but I think it played out perfectly and I really fell in love with this story. One of the best romantic (anti-romantic) films I`ve seen in quite some time.

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