26 abr. 2012

My Review: One Day (5/10)

¨Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.¨

One Day is Danish director, Lone Scherfig`s, follow up to 2009 film An Education; a movie I really liked, but unfortunately this film isn`t as interesting. One Day is a romantic film with two characters that I had a difficult time believing they were actually best friends or in love with each other. My major problem however was with Hathaway`s British accent. I have no idea why they didn’t just get a British actress to play the role considering there are som many great ones. Jim Sturgess is a decent actor, but I just didn’t feel the chemistry between him and Hathaway. The key in a romantic film lies in the chemistry between the two main actors and I just didn’t feel it. The story is interesting and the premise seemed original considering we only get to see a glimpse of what happens during one day (July 15th) of every year. Due to these constraints we do have to fill in a lot of gaps of things that have happened during the time, but the film does a good job at telling the story. I actually enjoyed the second half of the film, but I felt that the first half was just too slow and boring. I am glad however that I decided to stick with the film because it does get a lot better in the second half, although I still wouldn’t recommend this film, unless you are a true fan of the genre.

The movie opens with a scene that takes place on July 15th of 2006; Emma (Anne Hathaway) is riding a bicycle in a street in London when all of a sudden we move back about 20 years to the late 80`s on July 15th where we see how Emma and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) meet. They are celebrating their graduation and end up spending a night together although they never had talked much in school before. They become real good friends and we see how their lives develop as every day we jump forward in time one year on that exact date. Dexter becomes a late night television star, while Emma despite being intelligent struggles to make it through. Their friendship continues to grow and Dexter is always telling Emma how soon she will become a famous writer. As the movie progresses we are introduced to new cities and meet some secondary characters as Emma and Dexter don’t see each other every year on that day. We are introduced to Dexter`s parents, Alison (Patricia Clarkson) and Steven (Ken Stott) and to some of Dexter and Emma`s love interests. Despite being away from each other they continue to be in touch and at times even travel together. We experience how these friends grow, the challenges they face, and the goals they achieve.

One Day is actually based on the bestselling novel written by David Nicholls. The great thing about it is that Scherfig got him to adapt the screenplay for this movie as well. This is one of those stories that probably work best in a novel because several details have to be left out of the film due to time constraints. I really wished the movie would have had a more entertaining first half because it does pick up pretty well during the second half. I also enjoyed some of the secondary characters like Patricia Clarkson who is always a great addition to a movie. One Day is a decent romantic film, but I think Scherfig did a much better job in An Education. This is not a memorable movie, it lacks better pacing, but it does have some decent performances.

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