6 mar. 2012

My Top Ten Films of 2011

It took me a while to catch up with all the films I wanted to see from 2011 before choosing my favorite films, but I finally got to see most of them so I guess since Award Seasons are over with it`s about time to pick my favorite. I had no dilemma with my top 7 films, but 8 from 10 really was a difficult choice so after including my top 10 I will mention all the films that made my honorary list.

1.    1-Drive- This was without a doubt my favorite film of the year. No one looked cooler than Ryan Gosling as the Driver. The film has one of the best opening scenes I`ve seen and I didn`t have more fun with any other movie all year.

2.    2-Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy- A terrific spy thriller starring Gary Oldman as a very quiet but authentic real life spy. I loved the mood and scenery of this film. This is what a spy movie should look like. It`s the real deal.
    3   Martha Marcy May Marlene- Many people may not have heard of this small independent film, but it was one of the best thrillers I`ve seen all year and it had the best female performance of the year from the younger sister of the Olsen twins: Elizabeth Olsen

4.       Moneyball- My favorite of the entire Oscar nominated films. Brad Pitt gives one of his best performances to date. This is so much more than just a sports movie. I fell in love with the story despite not being a baseball fan.

5.       Hugo- Martin Scorsese seems to be on my list every year, but this time he directs a family oriented film that ends up being a love story to the history of cinema. Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz were great in this film.

6.       Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2- Without a doubt this is the most known film on my list. The Harry Potter franchise finally came to an end, and it went out with a bang. This was the best of the franchise. A perfect film.

7.       Warrior- Another sport movie on my list, and just like Moneyball it was so much more than just a sport film. The trailer may have given away the part that focused on the sport of mixed martial arts, but the true heart of the film relied on the family dilemma. Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte all give terrific performances.

8.       Midnight in Paris-Without a doubt my favorite Woody Allen film. I loved the script and the nostalgia. France and nostalgia seemed to be the theme for 2011 and Woody Allen really captured the magic of Paris. Owen Wilson also gave a terrific performance and reminded me a lot of the young Woody Allen who used to act in his films.

9.       Super 8- J.J. Abrams is a terrific director and this summer movie simply blew me away reminding me of Spielberg`s earlier films. The story and the performances are really top notch. Elle Fanning is amazing in this film. A great science fiction action film.

10.   We Bought a Zoo-I loved this family friendly movie. If I had to choose one film to see with my entire family this year it would be this one. I`m also a huge fan of Cameron Crowe and this film didn’t disappoint me one bit.

HONORARY MENTIONS: These are all films I really enjoyed this year and could`ve made my top ten list. It was a great year for movies and here are some I really enjoyed:
·         The Ides of March
·         Win Win
·         50/50
·         Crazy, Stupid, Love
·         The Adjustment Bureau
·         Bridesmaids
·         The Next Three Days
·         Rise of the Planet of the Apes
·         The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
·         The Tree of Life
·         The Artist
·         A Separation
·         Real Steel
·         X-Men First Class
·         The Beaver
·         Everything Must Go
·         Contagion
·         Dolphin Tale
·         The Muppets
·         Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
·         Fast Five

These are all films I highly recommend, especially the top 10. Some of the films you might haven’t even heard of, but they were my favorite films of the year. I also need to include two documentaries which I absolutely loved, but wouldn’t consider fair to include in the same category as film. They were:
1. Manyas, La Pelicula
2. Mi Corazon en Yambo

Now for my infamous list, here are the worst films of the year and ones you shouldn’t see even if paid.
1-      Sucker Punch

2-      Red Riding Hood

3-      Zookeeper

4-      Sanctum

5-      Trespass

6-      The Eagle

7-      Frozen

8-      Transformers 3

9-      Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

10-   Bad Teacher

Honorary Mentions: Touchback, Just Go With It, 13, Priest, Takers, Due Date, and Breaking Dawn Part 1.

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