28 mar. 2012

My Review: Jack and Jill (2/10)

¨His twin sister is coming for the holidays…and it ain`t pretty.¨

Adam Sandler stars in yet another disastrous comedy this year, this time playing two characters: a male and female version of himself. This is just one of those movies Sandler could make with his eyes closed. It requires no dedication from him whatsoever and I don’t blame him. Why try to change what you do when it is having results? It doesn’t matter that the critics don’t enjoy his films because the audience seems to keep on coming back for more. I find most of his films pretty much alike and haven’t enjoyed one of them in a long time, but it doesn’t matter because Sandler fans will continue to support his movies and fill theater seats. One thing is for sure, Sandler has a lot of fun at work. He probably has a blast making these easy movies which don’t have anything memorable about them, but sometimes are enough for a few laughs. I think I enjoyed Just go With It a little more than this movie, but I really had a hard time deciding which film was worse. Director Dennis Dugan has worked many times with Sandler in the past beginning with Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, and ending with Grown Ups and Just Go With It. They seem to be making the same films over and over again and repeating the same jokes, but Sandler has his fan base and he stays true to them. I enjoyed his earlier films, but have stopped doing so in recent years. The jokes have gotten old and there are many other better comedies coming out these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if this film actually wins every Razzie Award it`s been nominated for, including Worst Picture.

Jack Sadelstein (Adam Sandler) is a successful commercial producer who has a happy life alongside his wife, Erin (Katie Holmes), and two children, Sofia (Elodie Tougne) and Gary (Rohan Chand). They are expecting Jack`s twin sister, Jill (Adam Sandler), annual visit for Thanksgiving. Jack doesn’t get along with Jill very much although she thinks the best of him and misses the old days when they spent all day together. The truth is Jill is very loud and obnoxious and Jack enjoys his normal and quiet family life. What should have been only a weekend visit ends up being a long one since Jill feels lonely after her mother has passed away. She ends up staying and things get out of hand at times. In the meantime, Jack needs to sign Al Pacino (played by himself) for a commercial and so decides to try to convince him to accept the offer. Pacino ends up falling in love with Jill, but she wants nothing to do with him. Jack tries to use her in order to convince him to do the commercial but things begin to get out of hand. The film doesn’t really have much of a plot as we have to sit down and see a Sandler double feature but that is pretty much all I can say about the plot synopsis.

I don’t see how anyone could actually enjoy this film, but I`m guessing most Sandler fans will like this considering they get to see two Sandler characters. The highlight of the films might be the special cameo appearances as we get to see Shaq, David Spade, Norm MacDonald, Dana Carvey, Regis Philbin, Dan Patrick, Drew Carey, John McEnroe, and Johnny Depp among many others. I don’t know how Sandler gets all these people to show up in his movies but somehow he manages too. This may be Al Pacino`s worst role to date, I guess he just wanted to try something new, but he looked absolutely ridiculous in this film. Katie Holmes was alright, she didn’t have to do much, and her character wasn’t funny so she just played a safe role. Eugenio Derbez was the best thing about the movie. His character, Felipe the gardener, was by far the funniest thing about Jack and Jill. There is not much more I can say about this, It is really a lazy comedy, but I can see how all these actors might have had such a fun time playing together and making easy money. I was tempted to stop watching this movie right after it started, but I decided to suck it up and stay to the end. My favorite scene was when Jill was working out in the cruise with the two beefed up men and making them look bad. I really laughed hard at that scene, probably because I was just too bored with the rest of this terrible movie.

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