12 ene. 2012

My Review: Attack the Block (7/10)

¨Dogs? What kind of dogs those? Dogs with no eyes? Dogs the size of gorillas? You think them things are dogs? Go out there and try feeding them some Pedigree Chum! They`re ALIENS, luv! ¨

Attack the Block is one of those small films that absolutely caught me by surprise. This is Joe Cornish`s first feature film and he delivers a very entertaining movie with the right amount of comedy mixed with horror. I am not a huge horror fan, and find most these movies stupid, but Attack the Block was really a delight to watch on screen. This is a British movie with a bunch of unknown actors, but they are just great together in this movie, which was also written by Cornish himself. The dialogue is fun, the action scenes are entertaining, and the horror although low budget works really well. The aliens are simplistic but cool looking with their glow in the dark teeth. At first the movie seems like it is going nowhere, but as it progresses the plot continues to get better and better all the way to the climatic ending. Nick Frost is probably the only known actor in this movie and he`s barely in it, but it doesn`t matter because the rest of the cast leaded by John Boyega and Jodie Whittaker don`t disappoint. They give believable performances and also have several funny lines throughout the film. This is a movie which should be taken lightly; it`s not meant to be a scary horror film that will have you at the edge of your seat. It kind of works in the same way Zombieland worked in America, although this film had a much more restricted budget. Most of the action takes place at a block in South London so the constraints work quite well.

The movie begins with Sam (Jodie Whittaker) walking down a dark street in South London, when all of a sudden she gets robbed by a group of young teens. The leader of the gang, Moses (John Boyega), points a knife at her and steals her cell phone, wallet, and ring. The other four guys involved in the robbery are Pest (Alex Esmail), Dennis (Franz Drameh), Jerome (Leeon Jones), and Biggz (Simon Howard), who all seem delighted with how things went. The kids are young and act like their gangsters, but you can tell they`re just wannabes. On the way back to their block something like a meteor falls from the sky and smashes a car. When Moses goes to look inside he gets his face scratched by some sort of alien, and in a moment of outrage kills the alien along with his buddies. They take the corpse back to the block where they live and show it off to their friends. They tell Moses to take the body to Ron (Nick Frost) who lives near the top of the block and who knows a lot about animals since he watches a lot of National Geographic to see if he can identify the species. Ron is a drug dealer who happens to be dealing with Brewis (Luke Treadaway) when the gang arrives. While they are trying to discover what sort of alien or animal they are dealing with they see several more meteors falling from the sky and decide to go hunt these creatures, although soon they will realize that perhaps it`s the other way around and that they are the hunted ones.

I have to admit that at first I didn`t think this movie would succeed since the main characters seemed to be quite unlikeable. I mean who would want to root for these criminals? But after the first few minutes went by and when things began to turn around and the teens became the victims the film grew on me. John Boyega gives a great performance and he will be one to watch. He has great facial expressions and made for a memorable character. Attack the Block is extremely short and the movie is really fast paced but it manages to explain the plot pretty well with the little time it had and doesn’t leave thing unexplained like in other sci-fi films. The soundtrack is also pretty catchy and works well with to establish the mood of the movie. The gore scenes are pretty fake, but it doesn’t matter because it isn’t really the issue. For the most part things occur behind the camera, but there are a few gory scenes. This movie isn’t supposed to be scary, it`s more of a sci-fi comedy with some interesting action scenes. Attack the Block is a small film and probably not as easy to come across by, but if you get the opportunity to watch this than by all means do because you won`t be disappointed. It`s not a masterpiece, but it is very entertaining and fun.

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