14 nov. 2011

My Review: Trespass (2/10)

¨Run, Avery, run¨

That is the same recommendation I`m making to the audience: Run away from this movie as fast as you can, because it is really terrible, one of the worst heist films I`ve seen in years, with the dumbest thieves in film history. The further the movie continues to go with its revelations, the worse it gets. It gave me a really bad headache because there is so much screaming and crying going on. At first I thought this would be an interesting movie considering it starred Nicolas Cage (although he can`t be too reliable lately) and Nicole Kidman, but I couldn`t understand how I had never heard about this movie or seen it screen in theaters. Then after the movie was over, I kind of figured it out; and later I read that the movie was only in theaters for 10 days breaking the record for being the fastest ever to go directly from theaters to home video. It was available in DVD 18 days after the film had been released in theaters. Why? Because it is really that bad. Trespass cost an estimated 35 million dollars to be made, and it grossed less than 25 thousand dollars. This is probably something that director Joel Schumacher won’t be proud of. I think the last film that he directed which I actually enjoyed was Phone Booth way back in 2002. He seems to be in a bad streak recently. Karl Gajdusek was the man responsible for the terrible script, and the story is probably the worst part of the entire film.

Kyle Miller (Nicolas Cage) seems to be a successful diamond salesman. He lives in a big and highly secured house, drives a fancy sports car, and has a beautiful wife, Sarah (Nicole Kidman), and a teenage daughter, Avery (Liana Liberato), who is going through her typical rebellious state. Things seem a little shaky at home since Kyle has to travel so much and Sarah spends a lot of time on her own, and she doesn`t like the fact that her daughter Avery is spending so much time with Kendra, who she considers a bad influence. Avery wants to go to a party with her, and her parents say no but she escapes anyway. That night a group of officers show up at the house asking if everyone is at home because a series a kidnappings have been reported. Kyle and Sarah are convinced Avery is with them so assume nothing is wrong, but when they go to speak to the officers they invade their home and begin searching the home for diamonds. The thieves are played by Cam Gigandet, Jordana Spiro, Ben Mendelsohn, and Dash Mihok. They are extremely aggressive and heavily armed, but Kyle isn`t willing to open the safe so things begin to get out of hand. There is a lot of threatening and screaming going on, but that is about it. The thieves also seem to have some secret agendas of their own, but I don`t want to spoil the movie with all its revelations and ¨twists, ¨ so that is about all I`m going to reveal about the plot.

Trespass had an interesting beginning, but once the home invasion takes place and the thieves begin to threaten and keep on threatening without getting anything out of it the movie begins to go downhill from there. There inside the house with the family held hostage and they can`t manage to get anything done. All they do is yell, threaten, and scream, but make one stupid decision after another. Nicolas Cage`s character was also very unlikeable, and after everything that was going on I could really care less is his family survived or not. This was probably one of the worst home invasion thrillers I`ve seen, and that is too bad considering there were some talented actors involved in the project. Halfway through the movie a series of revelations are made about the family and the thieves, one worse than the next. Trespass seems to go downhill from that point on, and all you want to do thirty minutes into the film is run away from the chaotic script. It`s a shame because Nicolas Cage used to be one of my favorite action heroes, especially during the 90`s with Face/Off being the highlight of his career in my opinion, but recently in the last decade he has made a lot of poor choices and it will be a pity if people remember him for these roles instead of his other greater films.

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