11 nov. 2011

My Review: Dolphin Tale (8/10)

¨Trying to put a tale on a fish, no one in his right mind would even try it. Luckily for you I`m not in my right mind.¨

I don’t think there will be a more uplifting and inspiring film this year than this story about a tailless dolphin that against all odds learns to swim and survive with the help of a young boy and some marine biologists. It is a tale (pun intended) of hope and overcoming the impossible. I was pleasantly surprised with this movie and fell in love with Winter, the dolphin, from the very opening scene. I don`t think I`ve seen such an uplifting and family friendly film since 2009`s The Blind Side. Ironically the producers of The Blind Side, are also the producers of this film, so they have to be doing some things right. This is a movie the entire family will enjoy and that will bring some tears to your eyes. It`s a very emotional ride and one worth seeing with your family because ¨family is forever.¨ This inspiring story was directed by Charles Martin Smith, and the screenplay written by Karen Janszen and Noam Dromi. Dolphin Tale is actually based on the true story of Winter`s life, and the actual dolphin plays himself in this film so that was a plus. The movie is really well written and the performance from the cast was also interesting, and of course you can`t have an inspirational movie without Morgan Freeman who always brings out the best in these kind of films. Dolphin Tale is a movie for the entire family that you won`t want to miss, and be sure to take a few tissues with you just in case.

Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) is a lonely young boy who lives with his single mother, Lorraine (Ashley Judd) in Clearwater, Florida. He is quiet and his only friend is his older cousin, Kyle (Austin Stowell), an excellent swimmer who he absolutely admires. The bad news is that Kyle has been called for military service and is deployed outside of the country. Sawyer is on his own again, but his life turns around one unexpected day when he runs into an injured dolphin that has caught his tail with a crab trap. Sawyer frees the dolphin and calls the Clearwater Marine Aquarium for help. A marine biologist named Dr. Clay (Harry Connick Jr.) comes along with his crew and young daughter, Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff) to save the dolphin and take him to their facility. Once there they discover that the damage to the dolphin`s tale is permanent and in order to save its life they have to amputate it. Without a tale a dolphin can`t swim, and no tailless dolphin has ever survived, but with the help of the marine biologists and Sawyer (with who the dolphin has a strong connection) Winter manages to survive. When Kyle suffers an accident during his service and returns home, Sawyer meets his doctor, Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman) who makes prosthetic pieces for injured soldiers and comes up with an outrageous idea: ask him to make a prosthetic tail for Winter. Against all odds, Dr. McCarthy accepts the challenge.

Thanks to the film, Winter who was a symbol of hope for many local people with disabilities has now become a symbol of hope around the world. I got the chance to see this film with my dad who is in a wheel chair and he was truly inspired by the movie having to wipe the tears off his eyes several times. Winter is an example to all, and the fact that the real dolphin was used for this film is inspiring. Now I`ve heard many people say negative things about this film thinking that producers are exploiting the animal and that dolphins shouldn’t be held in an aquarium, but this isn`t any ordinary dolphin. This is a dolphin that should be dead, and the people from CMA have done everything in their reach to save his life. Winter isn`t a normal dolphin, he can`t live on his own in the open water, he needs treatment and care and he has received it. Winter is an inspiration to all and his story was one that needed to be told. So if you are one of those dolphin lovers who are against having these animals used in the entertainment business, don`t close your eyes to this film because it isn`t the case here. Don`t miss the opportunity to watch this excellent movie and see some of the good that people are doing to save some animals lives. Dolphin Tale is the most inspirational film of the year so by all means go see it.

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