16 sept. 2011

My Review: Bridesmaids (9/10)

¨You`re like the maid of dishonor¨

Bridesmaids isn’t your ordinary chick flick, and I wouldn’t necessary call it the female version of The Hangover either, because this movie works very well for a male audience as well. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo managed to write one of the funniest scripts of the year in my opinion. I hadn’t laughed so hard in a movie for quite some time. This is definitely the best comedy I`ve seen all year. Kristen Wiig not only co-wrote the script, but she also played the main character of the film; and she was absolutely hilarious. Mumolo also had a small cameo as one of the passengers in the plane that sat next to Wiig. After watching Bridesmaids all I can say is that I hope that these two actresses continue to work together because they managed to deliver a lot of laughs and it’s a movie that both male and female audiences will enjoy. It is probably the best SNL film I`ve seen in a long time. This is a really smart comedy which at times reminded of Tina Fey`s work in Mean Girls. Paul Feig was also the right choice as the director, although he was mostly known for directing TV series like The Office, Nurse Jackie, and Arrested Development. Judd Apatow`s name is also attached to this film as one of the producers and that is always a good sign because Apatow is usually synonym to a funny comedy. This is my favorite comedy of the year so far.

Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Lillian (Maya Rudolph) have been best friends all their lives; they`ve shared the best of times and the worst of times together. Lillian seems to be going through a great point in her life and she has a healthy relationship with Dougie (Tim Heidecker), while Annie is pretty much at a low point after losing all her money in a bakery business that went bankrupt. She also has an unhealthy relationship with Ted (Jon Hamm) who only calls her for sex and then basically kicks her out of the house. Dougie asks Lillian to marry him, and of course Lillian asks Annie to be her maid of honor. Annie decides she is going to give Lillian the best wedding ever, but things don’t turn out as expected. Lillian introduces her other bridesmaids to Annie and she finds a rivalry with Lillian`s new wealthy friend named Helen (Rose Byrne) who seems just perfect. Helen seems sweet and nice, and Annie becomes jealous of their friendship. The other bridesmaids: Becca (Ellie Kemper), Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), and Megan (Melissa McCarthy) all seem to love Helen`s ideas as well. As everyone begins to favor Helen; and things continue to go bad for Annie she becomes more and more jealous and pretty soon this might affect her friendship with Lillian. As a side story Annie is pulled over by a cop named Nathan (Chris O`Dowd) who ends up being a neighbor of Annie`s and soon they begin a nice friendship that can turn things around for Annie if she doesn’t blow it likes she`s done so many times before.

The movie began a little slow for me and I didn’t have as much fun with it until the bridesmaids show up and the rivalry begins. I really loved Melissa McCarthy`s (star of the TV series Mike and Molly) performance; she was truly hilarious and stole every scene she was in. Wiig also is great in the lead role and she had good chemistry with her SNL co-star Maya Rudolph. There are also very memorable and laugh out loud scenes like the one in which the bridesmaids go try on their clothes, or when they all get on a plane together to fly to Vegas. There are really great moments in the movie and I had a great time with it. I laughed really hard and loved most performances from the cast. Guys shouldn’t doubt on seeing this film because it isn’t an ordinary chick flick, it doesn’t follow those same formulas, it is much more than that and the scenes work in a true comedic fashion. This is a really funny movie and one you won`t want to miss.

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