6 jul. 2011

My Review: Frozen (2/10)

¨Hmmm, smell that mountain air. You know what it smells like? Cancer¨

Frozen is one of those movies that even at 90 minutes feels long and boring; the reason is simple: It`s a 20 minute film that seems to have been stretched out to a full length feature picture. Frozen could have been a decent short film, but they decided to go for a 90 minute movie that just doesn’t work due to the terrible dialogue and bad performances. The plot is simple and so it should have been kept that way. Adam Green (known for his Hatchet films) directs this terrible suspense/horror film and he also wrote the story and screenplay for it so it is a very personal project. I didn’t feel scared at any point of the film, I thought the plot was ridiculous, the characters had terrible dialogs and made ridiculous decisions, and the suspense was just not there. I didn’t really care for any of these characters and could care less if they survived. There were several gruesome scenes that made me wince, but that was it. I was left expecting a whole lot more from Frozen. It was a very forgettable film.

The plot is simple; the story takes place in Mount Holliston where a pair of snowboarders decide to spend the weekend. Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore, better known as Iceman from the X-Men franchise) and Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers) have been friends for a long time and they decide to go skiing at this beautiful resort. Dan`s girlfriend, Parker (Emma Bell) decides to go along with them despite not having much experience as a skier. They realize they don’t have enough money to pay for the lift tickets so they convince Parker to bribe the lift-worker in order for him to let them on the chairlift. The guys seemed to enjoy their time together and it went by so fast that when it was around time for closure they asked the worker to let them go on one last pass. The lift-worker, Jason (Ed Ackerman), allows them to go on one last, but quick ride. However Jason is called to the office by the manager and he tells his colleague to wait for three skiers to get back before he stops the lift. He mistakenly sees three other skiers come up the mountain so he ends up stopping the lift and shutting the place down. Parker, Joe, and Dan end up stranded in the chairlift near the top of the mountain. With the darkness and silence approaching and the freezing weather threatening their health the skiers will have to come up with a solution to their problem before it`s too late. They know that the resort won`t open till next weekend so waiting isn’t an option.

My biggest problem with Frozen was the dialogue. Some things happen in this film that you would think would traumatize them, but somehow they find time to talk about a lot of nonsense. Parker begins worrying about her dog that will be waiting for her back home and worrying about him not having anyone to feed him. The moment she says this is just unbelievable, but I don’t want to give away anything in this plot so I won’t say what just had happened before that. The guys also talk about some great horror movies that just remind us how bad this one really is. Most of the dialogue felt forced and was just there to stretch a film that didn’t have enough substance for a full feature. Some fans might be satisfied with the couple of gruesome scenes that are presented, but I just didn’t feel the suspense or horror at any point of the film. The only thing I felt about the movie was the freezing and chilly weather. It was the only thing Green got across in Frozen.  

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