11 jul. 2011

My Review: The Dilemma (3/10)

¨ I'd like to think that something that got you through those 40 years is a little friend I'd like to call honesty. ¨

One would expect that a film starring Kevin James (the King of Queens) and Vince Vaughn would be a hilarious comedy, but The Dilemma takes a very different approach and the movie feels more like a drama than an actual buddy comedy, which is what I was expecting and wish it had been so. The film felt weird at times and some scenes which tried to be funny really didn’t work at all. There are very few laughs in this film, and the drama just didn’t make a whole lot of sense. The Dilemma is just one of those movies in which the main character keeps on making one bad decision after another and therefore building the tension, when everything could have been resolved a whole lot easier. A much more comedic approach could have worked in order for us to ignore the awkwardness of the story. The talents of James and Vaughn were absolutely wasted in this film and I wish they would have given them much funnier material. I agree that it`s hard these days to make a good buddy comedy because we`ve seen it all by now, but I still would have preferred an average comedy than this weak drama that didn’t even make much sense at times. The characters changed personalities like chameleons at times in order to fit the script and carry along with the plot. I was hugely disappointed with the film and I`m still trying to classify as to what genre they were aiming for when they wrote this story.

Ronny (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Kevin James) have been best friends ever since their college days, now they`ve decided to partner together for their own electronic car design business. Ronny is a good speaker while Nick is the brains in the operation. They are currently signing a deal with an important automobile company that could take their small business to the next level. Nick appears to be happily married with his college sweetheart, Geneva (Winona Ryder), while Ronny has managed to stay single for all these years, but is thinking of proposing to his girlfriend, Beth (Jennifer Connelly). The two couples spend a lot of time together and everyone seems to be getting along pretty well. Ronny`s peaceful world is about to get shaken when he discovers Geneva is being unfaithful to Nick. He discovers her kissing another man named Zip (Channing Tatum) and decides to investigate them. Zip is young, muscular, and covered with tattoos, nothing like Nick who is all brains. This is where Ronny`s dilemma begins because he doesn’t know if he should tell Nick about it or confront Geneva about the issue. Their deadline with the automobile company is approaching and Nick has a lot of work ahead of him so Ronny doesn’t want him to get distracted by this scandal, but he is more concerned about his best friend than any other thing. Ronny begins to make one bad decision after another while trying to confront Zip and Geneva, and his moral dilemma begins to bring him some problems of his own with Beth. He will have to find a way to fix the problem before it`s too late.

The premise isn’t anything new; we`ve all considered the option before: whether or not we should tell our best friend about infidelities in his life. The answer is rather simple, a friend should always tell the truth, they should be honest with each other. There are some things that happen in this movie with the story that actually complicate things a little bit. Winona Ryder`s character is not as sweet as she seems and she has a couple of tricks up her sleeves. Channing Tatum`s character was just weird, the scenes between him and Vaughn were really awkward. Connelly is sweet and lovely as usual, but she doesn’t play a major role. James is a really funny actor, but in The Dilemma he hardly gets any comedic scenes. I didn’t buy the whole car engineer thing. Vaughn plays his usual self, but I really didn’t like his character in this film. Queen Latifah has a small supporting role but she goes unnoticed as well, although most funny dialogues were sent her way. The movie really never finds itself and Ron Howard wasn’t able to blend the comedy with the drama. I wish he would have made a comedy instead of trying to focus on the darker moral aspect of the film which leaves us with a cheesy finale anyway. For a dark moral movie, they come up with a rather predictable and lazy ending. I really didn’t like this film at all and wouldn’t recommend it.

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