6 feb. 2011

My Review: Life As We Know It (4/10)

¨They love Sophie more than anything in the entire world, and out of everyone, Messer, they picked us.¨

Life As We Know It is a very predictable romantic comedy, with uninteresting characters, and a script I felt a 15 year old could have written. There still are however some funny and heartfelt moments that will make this movie enjoyable for its target audience. If you like romantic comedies in general then there is no reason why you won`t like this movie. I am not a big fan of rom coms, since they seem to follow the same logic and clichés most films in this genre do, although there have been some pleasant surprises for me (500 Days of Summer, My Best Friend`s Wedding, Love Actually, Notting Hill, and Definitely, Maybe are movies which other rom coms should try to measure up to). Katherine Heigl has to try to make a different movie very soon because she seems to be playing the same role over and over again. Her previous movie, Killers, was even worse than this one and in my opinion it’s been awhile since she has made a good film.  I used to like her, but now she just seems to be getting on my nerves and will think twice before going to see another one of her films. Josh Duhamel was ok in this movie and had several funny scenes, but I wasn`t too excited about the chemistry between him and Heigl. Greg Berlanti (who is known for producing mostly TV series) directed this film and the screenplay was adapted from hundreds of other rom coms  by Ian Deitchman and Kristis Rusk Robinson.

The story takes place in Atlanta where a married couple is trying to hook up two of their best friends together on a blind date. Holly (Heigl) and Messer (Duhamel) don`t get along from the get go and never even end up going out on their date. They continue on with their own lives as usual although they always run into each other due to their friendship with Peter and Alison. Messer is a ladies’ man who doesn`t believe in long relationships and thinks his life is great because he works as an assistant camera director for the Atlanta Hawks so he gets paid for watching games. On the other hand, Holly owns a bakery and is very happy with her life which seems to revolve around waiting for one of her clients to show up on which she has a crush although she doesn`t even know his name. Finally after his 35th visit to the bakery (yes she`s been counting) she finally learns his name: Sam (Josh Lucas from Home Sweet Alabama and Poseidon). He invites her out for dinner, but before they can ever go out, Holly receives a phone call that will change her life forever. Peter and Alison lost their lives on a car accident and they had left on their will that Holly and Messer should become guardians of their one year old daughter: Sophie. A huge responsibility for Messer and Holly who have been accustomed to their easy lives and don`t even get along very well, but they reluctantly accept the task. If you have seen any romantic comedy from Hollywood then you can probably guess what will happen in the next 90 minutes of the film.

The movie is predictable, the secondary characters are one dimensional and you don`t even care for any of them, and Heigl is once again playing the same role she plays over and over again. So no, I didn`t really enjoy this movie all that much, but I can`t deny I did laugh at a few jokes here and there. Life As We Know It is just another one of those movies that will get lost in time and nobody will ever remember, although fans of the genre will probably have a decent time with the movie. The film relies heavily on the same jokes you have when a baby is on film: poop, vomiting, and so on. Still the most likeable character in the film is the baby, Sophie, and that isn`t a very good sign in a movie like this. The secondary characters in this film are almost nonexistent, and the film focuses entirely on Heigl and Duhamel`s love-hate relationship. There really was no need to make this movie, we`ve seen it before in hundreds of other rom coms (this one even has the classic run to the airport scene). Don`t watch this film unless you are really a fan of the genre.

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