10 dic. 2010

My Review: Nick and Norah`s Infinite Playlist (7/10)

¨The world is broken into pieces and everyone has to find them and put them back together. ¨

Nick and Nora`s Infinite Playlist isn`t just another teen rom-com with stupid humor, clichés, and one dimensional characters; it is very original with an interesting chemistry between the two leads (Michael Cera and Kat Dennings), a very good soundtrack, and a beautiful backdrop of New York City`s night life. It is a very different kind of movie that doesn`t have a clever script like Juno did, but it is still pretty well written by Lorene Scafaria, and has its up and downs moments. The movie only lasts about 90 minutes, which is a probably a good thing because it began to drag near the end. Peter Sollett directed this film and does a pretty decent job mixing romance and comedy with music to create a unique movie which some teens can identify with.

The movie takes place in New York where Nick (Michael Cera) is having a hard time getting over Tris (Alexis Dziena) after a six month relationship. He keeps on calling her and making her mixed cd`s begging her to come back with him, but she just isn`t interested. Norah (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Ari Graynor) study at the same Catholic school with Tris but Norah can`t really stand her. Tris doesn`t even listen to the cd`s she is given, but Norah secretly listens to them and loves every single playlist without ever knowing who Nick is. Nick plays for a band with his two best gay friends, Dev and Thom, and that night they have a gig together at a bar where they run into Tris, Norah, and Caroline. The entire movie takes place on that single night where the kids will end up driving all over the streets of New York in search of an underground band named Where`s Fluffy, and at the same time in search of Caroline who they lose along the way. Nick and Norah develop an interesting relationship, but the question is whether they can get over their past love lives.

Michael Cera surprises me every single time I see him on film because he seems to play the same role in every single one of his movies, but he still manages to get my attention and sympathy. He`s an interesting actor who fits this type of role, but I don`t think he could do anything different and only time will tell how long he can get away with it. For now I have to say that he has played some very funny roles and I still haven`t had enough of him. Kat Dennings is also a very interesting actress who seems to have great charisma on screen. She does a great job in this film and her chemistry with Cera works really well. She will play Darcy in the upcoming Thor movie. Nick and Nora`s Infinite Playlist works really well as a rom-com and I really had a good time with this funny, different, and short movie. It probably won`t be a very memorable film, but it is still a fun experience well worth your time.

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