1 sept. 2010

My Review: Killers (3/10)

¨Let's do something productive... Let's go piss on a stick.¨
If you want to do something productive then don`t go see this movie. Killers is easily one of the worst movies of the year. Not even likeable actors such as Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl can save this film. I believe even true fans of these actors will be disappointed with it. The plot was beyond ridiculous and it wasn`t funny at all. I don`t know if Killers was supposed to be a comedy, a romantic film, or an action movie, but it is certainly didn`t work as any. It wasn`t funny, the action was terrible, and the chemistry between Heigl and Kutcher was nonexistent. This movie tried to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but it failed by a long shot. I really wasn`t expecting much out of this movie, but even for my low expectations the film was a complete disaster. Director Robert Luketic had worked in the past with Heigl in The Ugly Truth (another bad movie). Luketic began with a lot of promise as a director delivering the very funny Legally Blonde which was Witherspoon`s break out role, and I also enjoyed 21, but his latest films have been a disappointment for me, especially this one. The screenplay was written by Bob DeRosa (The Air I Breathe) and Ted Griffin (Matchstick Men and Ocean`s Eleven), and I´m pretty sure neither of them will want this movie to show up on their resume considering they have done some decent work in the past.
Ashton Kutcher is Spencer Aimes, a government hired assassin who travels around the world searching for his next target. He is on a mission in France, when he meets Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl), an attractive and innocent woman who is vacationing with her overprotective parents (Tom Selleck and Catherine O´Hara) in the same Hotel room where Spencer is staying. Jen was supposed to travel with her boyfriend, but she got dumped a few days before the trip and ended up going to Nice (France) alone. It is love at first sight for Spencer and Jen (although you wouldn`t tell from the performances because there isn`t hardly any chemistry between them) and they begin a romantic relationship. Jen doesn`t know what Spencer really does, but it isn`t a problem since he quits his job from the moment he meets her. He decides it is time to settle down and get married and start a new life with Jen. The movie then jumps forward three years into the marriage where Jen and Spencer seem to be living a perfectly happy life. They get along with all their neighbors and are very happy together, but on Spencer`s 30th birthday he is contacted by his ex-boss for a new hit. He tells his boss he is retired and wants nothing to do with this, but all of a sudden several people are after him trying to kill him. The killers happen to be people that have lived close to him over the past years, such as co-workers and neighbors, so Spencer doesn`t know who he can really trust. Jen discovers Spencer´s secret past and becomes involved in the whole mess.  
The plot is ridiculous, which is not necessary a bad thing since there is fun and entertaining ridiculous and then there is just plain and boring ridiculous, but the problem is that this movie ranks among the latter category. Killers will probably rank among my list in the Top 3 worst movies of the year. There isn`t any memorable scene or performance I can say I truly enjoyed, although there was one surprising cameo which is probably the highlight of the movie. Katherine Heigl needs to try to do a different role or at least try a different genre since all she has been working in are romantic comedies. Maybe she tried to do something different in this movie, but at the end it was just more of the same. There is not a single funny scene in the movie, the action is pretty terrible, and the romance is pathetic. I wouldn`t recommend this movie to anyone, not even Kutcher fans. The only good thing I can say about this movie is that it`s short.

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